McLaren MP4-12C/12C/650s dry carbon hood

$3,300.00 USD - $4,000.00 USD
McLaren MP4-12C/12C/650s dry carbon hood

2011-2014 MP4-12C and 12C
2014-2017 650S

Built to very strict and high standards these hoods are made with 100% high strength, aerospace grade carbon fiber using a vacuum infusion process that insures the optimum fiber to resin ratio (dry carbon), for the best balance of high strength and low weight possible. These dry carbon hood are over 50% lighter than the stock aluminum hood. These hoods are hand made to order and can be made with our standard 12K aerospace carbon weave which has a slightly larger weave pattern, or we can add a layer of 3K twill weave to match any other oem carbon parts on your car. We also offer a large variety of other available weave patterns if you want a completely different look to stand out in the crowd. Contact us for more info on optional weave patterns.