**Current Order Lead Times**

We have been and still are experiencing a surge in orders and customer service requests. We sincerely appreciate the extra business that our loyal customers are giving us.

 We are still experiencing significant delays, but we are doing the best we can to catch up! Your help, patience and consideration of the situation will help improve our build times.

1. Please expect customer service response delays. We do sometimes get behind on answering your email and message requests as to keep our focus on the build times.

2. Please only use one point of contact for customer service inquiries. If you have sent us an email, WE WILL ANSWER IT. We are not ignoring you; we answer EVERY email, DM, PM, etc. Sending us multiple emails along with social media messages only further delays and response time, since every email and direct message will be addressed. If you call, you will very likely reach our voicemail which will direct you to send an email. This is for two main reasons. First, phone calls take time away during the day, even if you think its just a quick question there are a dozen other people that have quick questions too and those add up (along with the hoards of sales calls), so the phone and voicemail does get ignored.  We also often cant stop during a time sensitive operation for anything or parts can be ruined. And second, to give you a quote for ANYTHING that we don't currently already make, we need to SEE pictures either of the existing part or the design of the part you want fabricated, and no matter how well you think your are describing something over the phone it doesn't work. Please send us as many detailed pictures as you can.

3. Shipment quotes, we do offer international shipping. Please email us with a full complete address for a shipping quote and we will send the address to our shipping broker. Once we hear back from them, we will get that quote to you. 

4. Expect delays. Delays have always been an annoying part of this industry, or anything handmade or bespoke, but each product is manually laid up layer by layer, infused, trimmed, glued together, and sanded for hours on end before sending to paint and sanding some more. We take great pride in the products we send out and want to make sure each product is made to the highest standard.
We are taking every measure possible to keep up with demand while keeping our staff safe and still spending a few waking moments at home with the kids. It is hard to give a definite date of completion for each order and we are doing the best we can to keep up with all 'update requests' on current orders.

Each product is HAND MADE in the order received and due to delays caused by COVID along with supply chain issues, we are currently shipping parts that were ordered 15-18 months ago. This not a guarentee of a time frame for your order, just a general indiciation of where we are at currently. Your time frame may differ due to the size and complexity of your order. We are working as diligently as possible to get these lead times down including working late nights and weekends. 

 Your understanding and empathizing will allow us to serve you better.

Thank you for your support! 
Joel & Christina Marsh