FR-S/BRZ Splitter Installation


TOOLS REQUIRED Drill with 3/8" bits 10mm wrench Ratchet with 10mm socket Small/pocket flat head screw driver Short philips screw driver Plyers and/or adjustable wrench *optional* Box cutter/dremmel tool/any kind of saw to notch the bottom of the bumper cover for a "quick release" bumper option. 

*EDIT - note where the pictures state 11/32" bits, these have all been upgraded to 3/8" bits* 


UNPACK AND CHECK INVENTORY There should be: 2 short and 2 long support rods assembled with brackets on each end with 4 rivnuts for the bumper beam and 4 nylock nuts for the splitter. 1 rear center bracket with pre installed rivnuts, short M6 bolt and lock washer for center mount. 2 long M6 bolts with spacers and lock washers, for rear mounts. 20 fender washers to be used between mounting hardware and carbon surface 8 assembled short M6 bolts, lock washers and rivnuts, for optional mounting of bumper cover to splitter. (not required, but recommended to better secure bumper cover) 1 rivnut tool, assembled with extra rivnut, long bolt, nut and washer. And obviously your new awesome, light weight, high strength carbon fiber splitter, predrilled for the recommended chassis support locations and partially drilled for optional bumper mounting. (if you know you will require custom or unique mounting for other than the OEM bumper cover/beam, contact us when ordering and we can not predrill any holes and possibly help with custom rod lengths)


Direction to remove bumper can be found here following steps 1-9. For your sake PLEASE PAY ATTENTION on step 9 when they say to firmly pull on the corners of the bumper to remove, DO NOT DO THIS! I'm sure most of you have seen or heard about the bumpers sagging and this is why. Once you get to step 9 pull down and out slightly while looking between the bottom edge of the headlight and bumper and you will see the tabs that are holding the bumper on. If you take a small flat head screw driver or panel tool you can press down on those tabs while slightly pulling out and up on the bumper cover and it will pop free without much for or damage to those tabs, and will reinstall without any sag issues. I have taken mine off multiple times this way and it still fits like brand new. MOVE HORN To mount the support rods in the ideal position the horn needs to be moved. This is simply done by removing the single bolt holding the horn and relocating the horn a few inches towards the middle where there is another unused threaded hole already in the bumper beam.

DRILL FOUR HOLES FOR SUPPORT RODS IN BUMPER BEAM Again, these areas CAN be accessed with a drill with the bumper cover still on but it is easier with it removed as seen here, especially on the driver side with the washer fluid bottle limiting working room, but it can be done. For the outside/corner support rods drill a 3/8" holes using the following pictures as a location reference. The driver side bumper beam is a mirror image.

For the center two rods, the passenger side rods hole gets drilled just to the left of where the horn was previously mounted. Locate the spot for the hole by identifying the stampings shown in the picture, drill the hole as far towards the back edge of the bumper beam as possible while still allowing enough flat surface for the rivnut to expand and grip onto.

MARK AND DRILL HOLES IN BUMPER COVER FOR SUPPORT RODS. This can be done in a few ways. The simplest way is, again, to have the bumper cover off. With the bumper cover off, support the splitter at least a few feet off the ground with access to the support rod holes (front four white dots), set the bumper cover on top of the splitter and line up the holes in the bumper cover with the partially drilled holes (8 black dots), if it is hard to see or keep lined up 3/8" bolts can be set through the bumper cover holes and into the partially drilled holes to line the two up precisely. Once they are aligned, using the 3/8' drill bit, drill up through the fully drilled holes in the splitter and up through the bumper cover. If you have left the bumper cover on the holes can be aligned by dropping 3/8" bolts down through the bumper cover holes to line them up with the splitter, and either clamping the splitter to the bumper cover or supporting it up to the bumper cover from underneath until the support rod holes can be drilled. OPTIONAL STEP TO ALLOW FOR QUICK BUMPER RELEASE WITHOUT REMOVING SPLITTER. If you would like to be able to keep your splitter installed completely and be able to remove the bumper quickly, at this time place the support rod end brackets into the 4 holes drilled in the previous step. Trace an area around the front and sides of the bracket and extend it to the back edge of the bumper cover and trim out this area so that once the splitter is installed the bumper cover will slide back around the support rod brackets.

INSTALL REAR CENTER SUPPORT BRACKET ONTO SPLITTER. Remove the bolts and lock washers preinstalled in the bracket, and with the arrow on the bracket pointing towards the front, install the bracket on the center two white holes using the removed bolts, lock washers and additional two fender washers on the bottom. These bolts can be left loose at this time until installed INSTALL THE RIVNUTS. Following the instructions here: install the four rivnuts preinstalled on the ends of the support rods into the bumper beam. Also if you would like to add the optional larger diameter M6 rivnuts into the bumper cover, you can do so now along with drilling the black dot covered holes the rest of the way through with the 3/8" drill bit. INSTALL THE RODS. Install the support rods into the rivnuts with the short rods in the middle and longer rods on the outside. Note the position of the brackets on the rods and try to tighten the upper rod brackets so that they match the same orientation as in the picture to allow the rods to pivot to their holes on the splitter.

TIME TO START PUTTING IT ON THE CAR! Place the splitter under the car and lift it in place while installing a short M6 bolt through the bracket and into the OEM bracket on the lower radiator support. Leave this bolt pretty loose, this will hold the splitter in place but still give you some play until the rest of the bolts have all been started.

INSTALL REAR SPACER MOUNTS. Push the long bolt with lock washer and fender washer up through the rear most holes, place another fender washer over the bolt so that the splitter is sandwiched between two washers then place the spacer over that and thread the bolt into the open hole in the radiator support, repeat on other side.

IF YOU TRIMMED THE BUMPER FOR QUICK REMOVAL… At this time you can install the rods to the splitter, again using the fender washers to sandwich the splitter between them. Snug all the hardware up on the rods and splitter at this time and test fit the bumper to ensure the rods are at the correct length and adjust if necessary. *PLEASE NOTE* when tightening ALL hardware on the splitter, the splitter has a foam core and despite the strength of the carbon, if severely overtightened, it can crush the core and damage the carbon. It is recommended to tighten all fasteners until you see the fender washers start to dimple the carbon but not much past that. This will allow the splitter to have adequate tension on the lock washers to keep them engaged. And while this should be tight enough to keep everything secured it is still recommended to check them again before any track use or sustained high speed (100+mph) driving, just to be safe.

OR, IF YOU DIDN’T CUT THE BUMPER AND JUST DRILLED THE HOLES… With the rear mounts all still loose there is enough free play that the bumper cover can now be remounted. Once the bumper cover is back on, the rod brackets can be maneuvered into the holes you drilled, and the rods adjusted so that the brackets sit flush against the inside of the bumper cover or just slightly above it, then tighten the lock nuts on the rods. Before lifting the splitter up into place put a fender washer on each of the support rod brackets bolts between the bumper cover and carbon. You can now lift the splitter up and secure it with the four nylock nuts and fender washers underneath. IF YOU'RE USING THE OPTIONAL BUMPER MOUNTING You should have already installed the rivnuts into the bumper and drilled the rest of the way through the black holes in the splitter. You can now thread in the remaining 8 short M6 bolts and fender washers into the bumper holes, leaving them loose until all are started. FINAL CHECK :) You can now go through and tighten all of the hardware. Again, make sure to not overtighten any of the nuts or bolts going into the carbon. These should all be just tight enough to dimple the carbon, this should be able to be done by hand without much force and the locking hardware will keep it from coming undone. THANK YOU!

Joel Marsh