Side Splitter Install Instructions


One set of side splitters                                   

(10) rivnuts, M6 bolts, fender washers and lock washers


- drill with 3/8" bit

- 10mm wrench (ratchet wrench preferred)

- ratchet or small breaker bar with 10mm socket (if using supplied rivnut tool)

- jack and jack stands

- second pair of jack stands, stack of books, blocks, a friend or anything to help hold the side splitters in place while you drill into the car.

- silicone, RTV or touch up paint


Firmly set the parking brake, jack up one side of the car and secure it firmly on the jack stands. Depending on your style of stands it may be necessary to place the jack stands either under the suspension or inward of the pinch welds as they might be in the way if placed on the pinch welds. DO NOT WORK UNDER THE CAR UNLESS YOU HAVE VERIFIED IT IS SECURE FIRST! The side splitters are predrilled for installation, these holes are also used as guides for where to drill into the rocker panels on the car. From here the installation is pretty straight forward, you'll simply need to line up the front and rear with the inside edge held flush against the side of the pinch weld and hold them in place to drill the first hole. Once the first hole is drilled take the side splitter down and install the first rivnut into the hole using either the tool supplied or another rivnut installation tool. Now that you have one mounting point secured place the side splitter back up with the bolt and fender washer, this will ensure the side splitter stays in place while you drill the remaining four holes so that they are all properly lined up. After the rest of the holes are drilled remove the first bolt and side splitter and install the remaining four rivnuts for that side. Next apply some silicone, RTV or touch up paint around the rivnut and hole seam to seal out any moisture from getting in and rusting out the rocker. You can now install the side splitter for the final time and repeat the steps for the other side of the car.

 *NOTE* Do not over tighten the bolts! With the lock washers in place, the bolts only need to be snugged down enough that they start to indent the carbon and foam core. The foam core will help add tension to keep the bolts secure, do not tighten to the point the side splitters are pulled too tight into the recess under the rockers, they should be horizontal when installed properly.