Universal Canard Trimming

1. Start with large piece of carbon and cut down to size needed.

2 Trace out each section on to the cardboard making sure the direction of the corrugation will allow for bending to match the curve of the canard.

3. Tape the two pieces of cardboard together and make sure the cardboard matches the size of the desired canard.

4. Holding the cardboard up against your desired location, put tape on your bumper and draw a line on the tape where the canard will be placed.

5. Draw a line down the middle of the cardboard and up the tape line to use as a reference guide when trimming the cardboard.

6. Trim the cardboard to match the curve of your bumper, do this by holding a marker vertically flush against your bumper and tracing the contour onto the cardboard. Trim along that line and repeat multiple times until the cardboard matches exactly where you would like the canard to be placed.

7. Once you have the desired location of the cardboard it is time to cut the carbon piece. Tape the cardboard to the carbon and trace.

8. Cut the carbon as close to the line without going past to make sure you don't cut too much off. Place the canard up to your bumper to verify fitment and hand sand any areas that need to be removed to fine tune for a perfect fit.

9. Once the first side is done remove the tape holding the two pieces of cardboard together, reverse the curve and tape the side piece back onto the other side of the cardboard. This will give you a symmetrical template for the other side of the bumper.

10. Verify fitment of the cardboard to the bumper and repeat steps 7 & 8.

Thank you,

Joel Marsh